Crafts and Music : Intersection and Convergence, Loucia Manopoulou

The starting point of the exploratory study on Crafts and Music was to analyse and piece together seemingly disparate practices  and events that bring together music and contemporary British studio crafts.

The analysis of contemporary British makers’ work identified two distinct categories in the interrelation between craft and music. These are defined as intersection and convergence. Intersection is identified to explore inspiration, material, texture and concept elements. Convergence  is used to illustrate the interrelation between different art forms in the same work, such as the convergence of music, poetry and craft in a public space intervention.

This presentation will analyse the impact of different approaches to the fusion and interrelation of concepts and  experiments and raises questions on how makers, musicians, and artists broaden their creative discourse through collaboration and cross-disciplinary practices.

Loucia Manopoulou Curation